Collin Hover / Portfolio - @collinhover

Web Designer & Developer + Educator

Collin Hover is a web and graphic designer and educator focusing on interactive front-end design. His skills and experience include web design, web development, web front end, web back end, game design, interactive design, user experience, accesibility, efficiency, computer vision, html, css, javascript, actionscript, php, mysql, objective-c, matlab, adobe creative suite, photoshop, gimp, illustrator, indesign, maya, blender, git, windows os, mac os, and ios.My name is Collin and Iím a web designer, developer, and educator. Collin Hover grew up in a nomadic family of (hyper)polyglots, travelling and living in the middle East, Holland, Taiwan, Japan, and the triangle of Polynesia, so Collin Hover is always looking for new things. Collin Hover likes to tell people he is a citizen of both Holland and America, and someday Collin Hover hopes to learn to speak dutch. Lately Collin Hover has been focused on a mixture of web and game development, with projects such as onGameStart US 2013, NASA Prospect, Impact++, and Mimic!. Collin Hover hopes you enjoy them, and donít hesitate to contact him anytime at @collinhover.